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If you have a loved one who is clearly addicted but doesn't seem quite ready to accept treatment, you should ask yourself why. Certainly, it's a given that addicts never feel good about accepting treatment; often, however, there's another reason, as well -- they know friends who have been to any number of outpatient programs, therapists, meetings and so on; they've seen them start out great, and then slip up. They feel it's hopeless, and you can't blame them. What you need to do is to look at the ways in which drug rehab programs often fail, and make sure that you find for your loved one a program that does all right. This isn't like finding a good doctor; rather, it's like finding a good garage for your car -- the quality tends to be all over the map. You need to dig. Talk to us here at our center for addiction treatment in Levittown, PA. You can understand what a quality drug rehab in Levitt is all about.

What Does the Right Rehab Program Look Like?

It can be useful to read here about what a great addiction treatment program really does, but for better understanding, you should talk to people who've been through these programs, or read stories of personal experience. It can really help to see the points that people hit upon in the context of a proper description. First, however, what follows is a quick description of the qualities that you need to keep in mind.

Great Focus on Customization

Addiction is a highly complex disorder that affects the brain, which is one of the most challenging areas that modern medicine works with. No expert can simply divine an assessment in a few minutes, prescribe a standard set of interventions, and expect success. Even for experts, it takes time to come upon the right mix of medications, therapeutic interventions and psychological treatments to help a patient.

When you speak to an addiction treatment program, you need to ask them: do they ever prescribe generic protocols or programs for addiction treatment, or do they take hours to painstakingly sift through each patient's addiction history and medical records to set up a unique plan? Do they then constantly tweak it as new knowledge comes to light?

It's something that is done at a center for addiction treatment in Levittown, PA, because every patient is very different . Only personalized protocols offer any chance of success. You'll find that there is something very reassuring about treatment professionals who care to constantly check and correct.

Their Focus on Science and Evidence

If you were to go to a regular hospital for a health condition, you wouldn't need to ask them if they followed modern medical science -- you'd think it was a given. It isn't that way for addiction treatment, however.

At a center for addiction treatment in Levittown, PA, evidence-based scientific research is used. When important scientific advancements such as integrated dual diagnosis treatment become proven science, programs are updated. Trends, fads and unproven methods are rejected. Rapid detox would be an example of such an advancement.

In order to see how good a rehab really is, you need to look at the treatments that they promote, and check out how proven they are.

Focus on Psychological Help

Detox is an important part of addiction rehab. When you quit actively using an addictive substance, your brain reacts in tremendously destructive ways as it attempts to adjust. In rehab, the medical detox process uses medical supervision and intervention 24 hours a day to help the brain adjust in a way that is painless, and that causes no risk to life.

Certainly, once drug detox in Levittown concludes, you don't crave the drug on a regular basis, and your body no longer reacts to the absence of drugs. This isn't sobriety, however.

Addiction puts down roots very deep into the brain, and these persist long after detox. The main part of drug and alcohol addiction treatment then, is psychological therapy. It starts right alongside of detox, and continues for months after detox concludes. It is performed by highly trained therapists working hard at establishing friendly, trusting relationships with their patients, and using analysis and other advanced methods to reprogram their minds. It is this reprogramming that actually is the bulk of the work of rehab.

It is the way things work at a center for addiction treatment in Levittown, PA. When you sign up to any rehab center, it's important that you talk to several therapists there. You should try to sit down on their therapy sessions to see what they're like. Sensitive, caring, highly intelligent and mature therapists work carefully with each patient. If you see a lack of focus on personal care analysis, you should go elsewhere.

Finding Treatment

It's not easy finding a high-quality drug and alcohol rehab. There are all kinds of centers out there. Put in some hard work into finding the right treatment, however, and it becomes a near certain that your loved one will escape addiction forever. Call now for help at (267) 296-8722.

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