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Addiction is a psychiatric and psychological disorder, and long-term success only comes from squarely focusing on helping the patient gain the mental skills necessary to overcome it. At our alcohol rehab in Levittown, PA, it's something we always help our patients learn about.

For both the person suffering from addiction and people close to them, learning as much about the science of alcoholism and alcohol rehab in Levittown is the first thing to do. People tend to be very poorly informed about what addiction is, something that tends to take away from their ability to really involve themselves in any treatment plan. A solid grounding in the science can help everyone involved, even the patient. When a person truly understands, they tend to have their heart in the activity.

In many families struggling with an addiction disorder, arguments about quitting tend to go on forever. The addict indulges in denial indefinitely, and everyone simply keeps arguing. When the family finally does decide to hold an intervention, they simply go about it in an informal. It doesn't occur to anyone that they need to get a trained intervention professional.

When you learn about what addiction really is, you begin to see -- alcoholism damages the way the addict's brain works, making it impossible for them either to understand that addiction is bad or to retain understanding, once it is gained. With a trained interventionist on the job, everyone who is a part of the intervention is coached in addiction science and the special approaches they need to apply. Whereas most informal interventions fail, most professional ones actually succeed.

Behind Alcohol Addiction Is Another Mental Disorder

Why do some people who abuse alcohol become addicted, while others manage to keep their habit under control? More often than not, there is a psychiatric disorder involved. It usually arises early, but remains undiagnosed. A person with clinical depression, schizophrenia, anxiety or another serious mental disorder will often gravitate to substance use in an unconscious attempt to relieve mental difficulties.

When a serious mental disorder is recognized, you are likely to experience a greater sense of urgency and seriousness in seeking alcohol addiction treatment. You are likely to pay attention to obtaining rehab treatment that addresses both the mental disorder and the addiction disorder. At an alcohol rehab in Levittown, PA, we specialize in these complex cases that are called dual diagnosis disorders. Most rehabs do not possess the expertise needed; if you make the mistake of going to one of these places, the patient simply has no real chance of achieving sobriety. It's important to ask about dual diagnosis expertise.

Inpatient Rehab Is Important

Rehabs often focus on outpatient treatment. They choose this form of treatment because it's cheap, and easier to sell to patients. In truth, however, these programs are actually harmful, because they waste a perfectly good opportunity to help patients. An opportunity to bring an alcoholic in to treatment is too precious to simply waste with ineffective care.

Inpatient treatment, rather than outpatient treatment, works far better for a number of reasons. To begin, since most cases of addiction tend to involve a mental disorder, patients simply need close psychiatric care, a great deal of emotional support as well as firm supervision. With outpatient treatment, the patient simply carries on with life as usual, only visiting alcohol addiction rehab for a while each day. Unsupervised most of the time, there's little care to keep the patient engaged.

Outpatient treatment also doesn't truly focus the patient's mind on the very challenging task on hand of escaping addiction. Patients simply do not take their treatment seriously when it only lasts a couple of hours each day.

Inpatient treatment offers quality medical supervision and therapeutic support day and night, making the patient feel taken care of, and keeping the mind focused on treatment. It has a significant effect on bringing about better results.

Learn How Important Therapy Is

The more you learn about how addiction occurs, the more you begin to see that it can only be adequately addressed through psychiatric and psychological therapy. Such therapy forms the bulk of the work done in alcohol addiction recovery.

Most patients and their families, and even most rehabs, however, do not realize this. Their treatment often consists entirely of drug detox in Levittown -- they take care of the patient's withdrawal symptoms, and then, send them home.

Alcohol addiction changes the brain in key ways. This tends to make it impossible for the addict to remember why they should choose sobriety. When a craving appears, the addict simply forgets his resolve, and sees alcohol as attractive and desirable.

Such changes to the brain are impossible to directly correct. What a patient can do, however, is to accept therapy. The therapist helps the patient learn new psychological skills and brain hacks to effectively avoid cravings, rather than battle them with willpower once they appear. It is this type of treatment alone that really works.

When an addict begins to understand how addiction and addiction treatment in Levittown work, often, there is automatic engagement in treatment. There is every chance of success then. Use what you've learned here, and find the right rehab. It might be even better to call an alcohol rehab in Levittown, PA. We can help you understand how best to take the next step forward. Call now for help at (267) 296-8722.

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