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You've probably heard that addiction to street drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol is a mental disorder not unlike bipolar or obsessive-compulsive disorder. The mental disorder viewpoint is a very useful way by which to view addiction. From difficulty grasping the fact of your own problem, to the need to reject treatment, there is a lot that addiction and conventional mental disorders have in common. There are differences, as well. One of the most important ones: while it doesn't hurt to treat schizophrenia or depression, it can hurt very much, indeed, to attempt to quit an addiction. It's called withdrawal, a process that the brain needs to go through as it adjusts to normal function without drugs. Most people who are addicted fear the pain of withdrawal so much, they would rather not quit. At this center for drug detox in Levittown, PA, this concern is at the center of every addiction program used.

When addicts are promised a thoroughly designed drug detox in Levittown where they have every assurance of an easy, comfortable and pain-free exit from addiction, it becomes much easier for them to say yes.

What Ensures Pain-Free Detox?

The pain and risk to life inherent in quitting is considerable. A lot depends on the specific drug involved, however, and the length of time for which addiction has lasted. When it's alcohol, benzodiazepines, or opiates, for example, stopping can be particularly hard. It tends to be harder for the brain to learn to function without drugs when it's been on them for too long, as well. When it's a younger person who's been addicted only a few months, the exit tends to be simpler and less challenging.

Whatever the addiction history, it's possible to achieve detox with minimal pain when there is close medical attention -- trained addiction specialists who believe in pain-free detox, always standing by to offer medications to take away the headaches and cramps, the cardiac disturbances, the fear and anxiety, the insomnia, the restlessness. Not every drug rehab in Levittown is run on a philosophy of pain-free detox, however. Many do not believe that pain is necessarily a bad thing. It's important that you keep this in mind when you look for a detox.

There are other things that can make detox particularly difficult. Addiction is a mental disorder; just as with depression, bipolar or schizophrenia, coming out of it requires a great deal of understanding support. The more of it there is, the more focused the patient gets to be. In some cases, patients have family members who are able to provide the support needed all the time for the weeks that detox treatment continues. These family members help them keep their mind on the goal, help them not cheat, help them fight the frightening amounts of pain that they experience, and help them not feel lonely. It's a mental disorder, and mental support is primary.

For those who do not have the luxury of such support, inpatient care is tremendously important to their success. If you've ever read patient reviews about good drug detox centers, it's a running theme that you see -- patients often repeatedly talk about how they've been through 10, even 15 outpatient detox-rehab programs and fail each time. They only succeed when they sign up to inpatient treatment -- a residential treatment center that offers them caring and support day and night, by highly experienced staff. Choosing the right treatment mode is important.

Understanding What Detox Does

When you do your research checking out different detox centers and rehabs, merely ensuring a policy of minimal pain is often reliable way to identify quality addiction treatment in Levittown. While there are certainly other areas that you should pay attention to -- such as scientific treatment and not treatment based on unreliable fads and trends -- it's a good start. It's important to understand what detox actually does, however.

Drug detox in Levittown is not treatment intended to free a person of addiction. Addiction is a deep psychological and psychiatric disorder brought about by the harmful effect of drugs on the brain. The brain, once it affected by addiction, actually sustains injury that cannot be undone. This means that a simple drug detox treatment that lasts a few weeks is certainly not going to ensure freedom from addiction. What detox does, is to help unhook the brain from the vicious cycle of constant cravings and painful withdrawal symptoms that force the addict to keep using. All that does this to offer a short period of freedom from addiction.

In this time, the rehab center is supposed to offer the patient deep, high-quality therapy to help him learn control of his mind in ways necessary to stay away from drugs. The patient learns to live a better life, to acquire better psychological skills such as anger control, patience, people skills and so on. The patient may also undergo psychiatric treatment for help with the psychiatric disorders that happen to be very common among addicts. Without the psychological treatment known as relapse prevention that follows detox, the patient is sure to return to drugs.

Detox is very important. The way it is done -- by knowledgeable, scientifically trained professionals in an inpatient setting -- is very important. Detox is only one step of a long process, however. As long as you keep this in mind, and approach a quality drug detox treatment facility, you're well on your way to finding the treatments that will set you free. To speak to a highly qualified center for drug detox in Levittown, call (267) 296-8722.

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