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A drug rehab center isn't a magical place that automatically solves your addiction problems for you the moment you go in. Rather, it is a medical institution that implements medically established protocols. Results are achievable only when every protocol step is perfectly executed by medically trained professionals. Poorly run drug and alcohol rehab centers abound, however. The only way to identify a quality drug rehab center is to put in the research, and truly understand the rehab process. What follows is a description of how the medically sound drug rehab process works, at this drug rehab in Levittown, PA. It can be an excellent introduction to the kind of treatment process that really bring results. When you're done reading, you should be better prepared to make an educated choice.

Understanding Why Addiction Happens

Addiction is a mental disorder. While most mental disorders are simply congenital or inherited, addiction arises through physical harm to the brain brought about by substance abuse, as well.

In most cases, a preference for substance abuse comes about as a result of serious, pre-existing psychological and psychiatric disorders. It is when you suffer from undiagnosed mental conditions that you tend to turn to excessive drug use, a practice that easily turns into addiction.

Many people suffer from psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, or psychological challenges such as anger or social awkwardness. When life becomes too much to take as result of these conditions, they tend to turn to drugs for comfort. These causes are seen in the overwhelming majority of addiction cases.

What Happens in Rehab?

Unfortunately, not many addiction rehab centers are equipped to treat such complications. It is the rare rehab that is able to treat complexities involving mental conditions. Called dual diagnosis rehabs, they tend to be rare, but are far more successful at treating addictions than regular rehabs.

Quitting drugs on one's own is often impossibly difficult. Powerful withdrawal symptoms wrack the brain and body; cravings, pain and harmful reactions such as seizures and hallucinations appear over several days. While some people do manage to weather these symptoms, most are unable to do it. Interestingly, success, even when it is achievable, tends to be short-lived. When people attempt drug detox in Levittown, they are rarely able to stay clean for very long. The pain of withdrawal symptoms tends to change the brain, making it less able to stay the path.

Well-designed drug rehab in Levittown can be far more successful in the long-term. It invests in each patient to offer carefully planned care -- treatment to help suppress symptoms with medications, and therapy to help emotionally and psychologically, to deal with the storm of withdrawal.

What to Look for in a Drug Rehab in Levittown

As with any other kind of medical or psychiatric treatment, a great rehab experience is quantifiable. There are specific qualities and features that you should look for.

Personalized treatment plans: Addiction is a hugely complex mental disorder. If you wouldn't expect a psychiatrist or therapist to effortlessly determine a treatment plan, you shouldn't expect addiction treatment in Levittown to work this way. Just as with therapy or psychiatry, you need to expect to see specialists in addiction and other disciplines work on you, interview you and run tests on you over hours, to formulate a special, unique treatment plan just for you. The plan should take into account specific health conditions, sensitivities and mental needs, and constantly tweak the plan over time for improved results.

Inpatient treatment: Addiction being a mental disorder, requires an approach that is fundamentally focused on the mind. Addicts require treatment that delivers sensitive and personal emotional care. A rehab with excellent personal support at all hours of the day and night is likely to be good at the treatment that it delivers.

Science-based treatment: At many rehab centers, the treatment programs on offer do not closely follow modern scientific understanding of addiction. It can take some research of each rehab to determine how much science is actually present in a program that you are considering. It can help to talk to a rehab about the specific treatments that are used, and to then look them up.

Relapse prevention: The greater the depth of the post-detox therapy that a rehab offers, the better the rehab is. A rehab that offers a small selection of therapists and therapeutic methods is usually not serious about offering effective treatment.

Armed with these tips, you are in a far better position to make up your mind. When you're ready, all you need to do is to call (267) 296-8722.

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