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Treatment for addiction isn't ever the same in every case of addiction. The form of intervention needed and the degree to which it is needed depends greatly on the depth of the problem seen in each case. The longer an addiction has lasted and the more damaging the drug is that has been in use, the more challenging treatment tends to be. From co-occurring mental disorders to long family histories of addiction and poor physical health, other difficult complications tend to be very common in addictions, as well. Treatment can often simply not be placed on autopilot. In these cases, it's important for patients to choose to treat their addictions at residential facilities. At this inpatient rehab in Levittown, PA, this is just the kind of specialization that you will find.

Who Needs Inpatient Rehab in Levittown?

At scientifically designed treatment programs, addiction patients are evaluated on the five-level scale created by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. The aim is to determine the intensity of treatment needed. When a patient comes in very early in the addiction process, they are usually pegged between levels 0.50 and II, and recommended either regular or intensive outpatient treatment.

The difference lies in the level and intensity of therapy offered. While an hour or so of participation is usually the most that regular programs require, intensive outpatient programs may offer treatment over several hours each day.

When patients come in with severe medical or psychiatric complications, they tend to be graded between levels III and IV, and to be recommended inpatient rehab or medically managed inpatient rehab.

It makes sense to seriously consider inpatient rehab if you've been through outpatient rehab before and have not seen the results that you need. Since escaping addiction requires a great deal of emotional and other support, if you don't have family that can always be there for you over several weeks, you should consider inpatient rehab programs then, as well.

It may also be a good idea to consider an inpatient rehab center if you believe that your health is poor for having used drugs, if you suffer from a psychiatric illness, or even if you're just afraid of the pain involved in rehab, and want medical professionals to be with you at all times. Inpatient rehab is the gold standard for drug and alcohol rehab in Levittown.

What to Look for in an Inpatient Rehab Program

Not all inpatient rehab programs are created the same. Some offer superior treatment and acceptable facilities, and others offer luxury facilities, but poor-quality treatment. Yet others offer neither luxury nor good treatment. There is a great deal of variance in quality, and you can only find the treatment that you need when you do your research.

Exactly how much do you get to see medical professionals: Some centers for inpatient rehab for addiction do nothing more than to warehouse their residents in their rooms, giving them no more than a few minutes of actual time with medical professionals. It's important to make sure that there is an actual point to inpatient treatment. You should receive at least 20 minutes with an addiction professional, and three hours of therapy each day, and access all the time to trained nursing staff who are able to medicate you should you need medication for pain or other conditions of the day or night. If you suffer from psychiatric disorders, you should be able to see a psychiatrist for half an hour each day.

How much freedom and structure do you have: Addiction robs people of their will to submit to reasonable structure in life. Discipline and structure, then, are very important contributions obtainable from inpatient rehab. Waking up at a certain time, getting exercise, eating at the right times, participating in therapy at the right times -- it's an important way to bring psychological health.

Nevertheless, learning to live with freedom and learning to use it responsibly are important parts of addiction treatment in Levittown, as well. Residents should have the freedom to socialize over the phone or in person. They should have the freedom to welcome family each day. They should also be free to move about the premises and get exercise. As simple as these requirements sound, a great many addiction inpatient rehab centers do not offer them. It's important to make very sure of what exactly you sign up for.

Who will treat you: It isn't a given that you will have trained and compassionate staff and professionals taking care of you. All too often, rehabs tend to hire untrained staff, and overwork their professionals, to the point that they end up with no time for their patients. It's important to actually talk to the very people who will treat you, and obtain assurance that there will be no one else treating you. It doesn't work to be treated by a revolving door of untrained and overworked caregivers.

Inpatient Rehab Offers Better Results

When delivered correctly, inpatient treatment can ensure far better completion rates than outpatient treatment. Unlike with outpatient treatment, nearly everyone who enters an inpatient rehab center completes the course. To make sure that you receive the level of treatment that is promised, however, you need to do your research. For inpatient rehab in Levittown, PA, there are professionals who would be happy to offer you helpful guidance. Call now for help at (267) 296-8722.

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